Didaktics of media: Instruction Planning / Target Group Specification

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university.


Based on the topic of this weeks course and the provided information I assume we will learn how to specify the target group of a learning environment and possibly why it is important to define a target group. Also the planning of an online course seems to be involved. The four decisions to make if one would create a online course are:

  1. Is face-to-face interaction needed?
  2. Which amount supervising is needed?
  3. What amount and type of peer interaction is needed?
  4. How will the course be delivered?

What have I learned:

In the lesson today I learned to structure a learning unit, based on the target group and various other factors. Our group had the task to plan a learning lesson on “Tree” data structure for second semester computing students. We had a task to define the target group (second semester as already written), determine the learning goals and structure the content. Also we had to think about a methodology how we can teach the learning goals to the students. Also we learned about the media usage, specifically on keeping the media local and double check if the media works (specially on new systems).

The second topic of the lesson revolved around distance education. We learned that how distance education is done in more rural areas in the world (by television or radio, and sending sheets via mail)