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Elixir for aspiring Erlang developers

For the “Independent Coursework” of the University of Applied Sciences¬†Berlin I created the following presentation: **Elixir for aspiring Erlang developers ** from Torben Dohrn Target audience are students of the bachelors degree Computer Science of the University. If anything is unclear (or god forbid, wrong) drop me a mail or a tweet

Windows 7 - HowTo change system HDD to SSD (With built in tools only)

Ingredients: Current Laptop or PC New SSD External Harddisk (for backup, so it’d better be fast and big) One empty DVD (or the recovery disc) Bunch of screwdrivers Abstract: Shrink your HDD partition to a size smaller than the SSD (*) Create¬†a recovery disk Create a system image with Windows backup on the external Harddisk Replace your HDD with the shiny new SSD Boot with recovery disk Choose to restore from a system backup (*) The first part is realy important.

... and now for something completely different

recently a good friend of mine started to blog. He was so kind to refer to my blog, so will I. Stefan writes about his daily life, professional Java development and tools and coffee. The last part might be exaggerated, but he should write about coffee. Everyone should. So please have a look: