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LaTeX template for Master thesis

My fellow student Alexander Czyrny made a template for his master thesis in LaTeX. The template covers all basic layout settings needed for a master thesis at our University (University of Applied Sciences Berlin). He also added an example chapter with the more advanced LaTeX commands. If you wan’t to check it out clone his repository on GitHub !


ZLocation (“A cd that learns”) is a PowerShell module for better navigating through folders. I used the predecessor for a while and was fed up with corrupted database entries. I’ll test ZLocation thorough-fully but try it for your self!

Powershell cmdlets with dynamic param AND $args don't work

Over the weekend I tried to implement auto completion in Elixir’s mix (in Windows). Unfortunately I didn’t make it without introducing some problems. So I didn’t committed my changes to upstream. Currently I try to reach some of the more renowned Elixir/Windows contributors, to discuss the changes . Motivation Under normal circumstances I don’t use more mix tasks then test, phoenix.server and release but sometimes you need this weird command, you just can’t remember.