Windows 7 - HowTo change system HDD to SSD (With built in tools only)

Ingredients: Current Laptop or PC New SSD External Harddisk (for backup, so it’d better be fast and big) One empty DVD (or the recovery disc) Bunch of screwdrivers Abstract: Shrink your HDD partition to a size smaller than the SSD (*) Create a recovery disk Create a system image with Windows backup on the external Harddisk Replace your HDD with the shiny new SSD Boot with recovery disk Choose to restore from a system backup (*) The first part is realy important.

Setting up Wifi on Ubuntu 12.04 Server via command line (yeah, finally some technical stuff )

Problem: Setting up a wireless adapter on Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS via CLI isn’t THAT easy. Plug’n’Play doesn’t simply work. Good thing there is Google. And a lot of helpful sites. Target: Insert the stick (or boot with it) and connect automaticly to the preferred network This is not a tutorial. And it’s realy not for the uninitiated. It’s more like a short reminder for me, or people who have a basic idea what’s happening here…

A new project

Whoohaaa a new project from the university. David and I were assigned to the Computer Museum on the university campus. There we (and six other students) will be responsible to install, customize and deploy a tool called CollectiveAccess (Homepage). CA is a open source tool to register items, tag and mark them and then display them on a front end. There were two teams of the terms before us, who already made some analysis, set up server and even made some sleek videos of some of the items.

Oh noez, Hackerz!!!!

Today I detected that one of my sites was hacked. Some punks got access to one of my webservers, added some files and altered some other files. Lucky me, on this webserver is php forbidden and they couldn’t do any harm. But from the start: I host the website for one of the local sport clubs. The website is static, showing only some pics, contact and legal stuff. Once a year there I make a short report how the website is doing and what I’ve done.