Slideshow2 - Vertical alignment

I was looking for a javascript gallery plugin for a website I maintain. After I checked two or three plugins (incl. galleria) I decided that Slideshow2 is the tool, I’ll use. One of the big points in my decision for Slideshow2 was the simple integration of a vertical thumbnail list. I tried it in galleria as well but failed.

With Slideshow2 everything went well. Download the package, edit the file like specified and voilá you’ve got an vertical thumbnail list. Life can be so easy…

… until you add additional pictures: With more thumbnails than the complete height of the container (around eight in my case) the problems reveal. There is no scrolling!

After some (read alot) try and error I wrote to the googlegroup of the developer and sent a complete error description and a way to reproduce the problem in. So stay tuned :-)