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Slideshow2 Vertical Alignment

To update my last post, this solution worked for me: On the Slideshow2 homepage is an working example with vertical alignment. So I downloaded exactly¬†this version of the slideshow2.js and the according mootools and tadaa! It works. It seems that the current version simply is not capable of vertical scrolling. A single drawback is still there: The option “resize” doesn’t work. But as long as you can live with that, the slideshow2 V1.

Slideshow2 - Vertical alignment

I was looking for a javascript gallery plugin for a website I maintain. After I checked two or three plugins (incl. galleria) I decided that Slideshow2 is the tool, I’ll use. One of the big points in my decision for Slideshow2 was the simple integration of a vertical thumbnail list. I tried it in galleria as well but failed. With Slideshow2 everything went well. Download the package, edit the file like specified and voil√° you’ve got an vertical thumbnail list.