Kick Ass - Comic vs. Movie

Whoohoo I loved Kick Ass The movie, but now that I’ve read the underlaying comic, I think a little bit different about the movie. At least in the story there are major changes

The movie is, for it self, very entertaining. The cast of the movie was well done and consistent. I think the actors matched the characters and especialy that Hit Girl was a good cast. The soundtrack

is entertaining and the track “stand up” from “the prodigy” is at least for me inseparably associated with this movie. Also the story is consistent in the movie and there are no big quirks in it. It fits perfectly for the needs of a movie. It’s self-contained, there are no obvoius loose ends and there is still plenty of room for a sequel (which will come probably in 2013). In conclusion, it’s a fine movie, and if you havn’t already, watch it.

But now for the downsides: There are so many differences between the movie and the comic, I don’t even know where to start!


While there is blood in the movie there is plenty more of it the comic. And bone crushing, limb cutting, head splitting you name it. So that IS a difference. In general the comic is extremly violent and the movie more or less comical


The costumes in the movie are mixed: Kick Ass is almost identical to the comic, no major changes. Red Mist on the other hand had is totally different. While he has in the comic a red suit, red bandana and red cape (RED Mist, you know), in the movie he has a big resemblance with Robin from the 1997 “Batman and Robin”, all with shiny leather clothes and fancy eye mask… Hit Girl and Big Daddy also have very different costumes than in the comic. While I appreciate the violet wig of Hit Girl in the movie, it’s just not like in the movie. I don’t whine because “Whohoo, every difference to the comic is a crime against humanity” but because the overall concept of the comic is darker and has a more realistic approach. The costumes aren’t that bright as in the movie and look more like you and I could stitch them together when we would invest enough time and effort. Same is true for Big Daddy. Comic Big Daddy looks like he wears a leather suit,a metal breast plate, knee protectors and a duster for a coat. His mask is simply a piece of cloth with hole for the eyes. Very basic, very easy to make this suit by your self. And now: Entrance of Movie Big Daddy: Individual carbon fibre armor pieces, a helmet which looks like it was stolen from the Batman set, a cape (why on earth??) and a yellow utillity belt. In the comic he doesn’t even have a normal belt… To conclude my rant: The costumes in the movie are nice, but with the exception of Kick Ass himself, they doesn’t resemble much to the comic


Ok, for the sake of everyone, I won’t spoil anything. As I already wrote, the movie story is nice and self-contained. Until yesterday I thought of the story of the movie as good. Now that I know the comic story, I’m disappointed. I mean… realy?

Maybe some of the story parts will get corrected in the second movie. We’ll see…