Didaktics of media: Storytelling

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the title for that unit I assume we will learn something about storytelling in the context of didactic. What have I learned: People remember stories. If information is wrapped up in a story, it increases the possibility that one remember the information as well. A story consists of a setting, a plot, a character, a narrator with a point of view, (words, pictures, sounds) and most importantly listeners or readers.

Kick Ass - Comic vs. Movie

Whoohoo I loved Kick Ass The movie, but now that I’ve read the underlaying comic, I think a little bit different about the movie. At least in the story there are major changes The movie is, for it self, very entertaining. The cast of the movie was well done and consistent. I think the actors matched the characters and especialy that Hit Girl was a good cast. The soundtrackis entertaining and the track “stand up” from “the prodigy” is at least for me inseparably associated with this movie.