Setting up Wifi on Ubuntu 12.04 Server via command line (yeah, finally some technical stuff )

Problem: Setting up a wireless adapter on Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS via CLI isn’t THAT easy. Plug’n’Play doesn’t simply work. Good thing there is Google. And a lot of helpful sites. Target: Insert the stick (or boot with it) and connect automaticly to the preferred network This is not a tutorial. And it’s realy not for the uninitiated. It’s more like a short reminder for me, or people who have a basic idea what’s happening here…

Improve energy consumption with Ubuntu and Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 (sandy bridge-chipset)

Update 2015-03-15: As Antiplex mentioned in the comments, the resources are slighlty out of date. An update is pending I use my laptop (Lenovo Z370, with Ubuntu 11.10) a lot in the college. Unfortunatly there aren’t enough plugs in the wall for all students and I’m not willing to bring a plug board with me every time. So my approach to the problem was to improve the energy consumption of my laptop.

KSH the second

Woe unto me! Earlier this day I debugged a korn shell script and were not able to find the culprit. With debugging mode set -x I was able to identify, that one of my variables were actualy not recognized as such. After a little bit of tearing my hair out I finaly found the little scallywag: I had inserted an unnecessary space between the variable name and the equal-sign. Therefore the interpreter didn’t understand what I wanted him to do.

KSH basics

Just for the guys who keep forgetting about the simplest commands in korn shell (like me…)

Backspace in Firefox and Linux

Anyone who is used to firefox under windows (and probably mac) is also used to the backspace key. under windows, firefox will go one page backwards if you hit backspace. Under Linux if you hit backspace, there happens… nothing. Which is disgusting. I found a website (german) which describes how to change the behavior: Type in your adress bar: “about:config” Confirm the warning: Search for “Backspace”: Alter “browser.