Cache Single Page Applications (SPA) in Internet Information Service (IIS)

For a job I was tasked to solve a caching problem for the Angular App of the customer. After a roll out endusers would complain about a broken app or weird bugs. Most of the time a flushing of the browser cache on the enduser side solved the situation. To reduce the stress for the user (and the support of the customer) we had to fix this situation. Starting situation An Angular 7 App which is hosted on IIS 10.

TIL: There is an emoji keyboard in Windows 10

Today I Learned: There is a Emoji keyboard in Windows 10 🦄!! Windows + . does the trick. A small keyboard pops up and you can search in it (beware, the search is localized. I had to look for “Einhorn” instead of unicorn).

Dell XPS 13 9360 - Trackpad Issue

Summary: My Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop has issues with the touchpad. The Dell support site is the pure horror but the Dell support team via Facebook is fast and helpful. Long story: Several days ago the trackpad stopped working. It started when I connected a Apple Magic Mouse for more convenient playing. When I disconnected the mouse, I realized that the trackpad stopped working. Thinking the laptop just swallowed up I restarted the system.

Travel Laptop

When we started our tour three month ago, I replaced my trusty Lenovo Thinkpad T520 with a shiny new Dell XPS 13 (9360). The reasons where many fold: As weight and volume are premium while travelling half the weight and less than half the volume is awesome. As I didn’t intended to do a lot computer stuff, I settled for a 13 inch screen instead of a 15 inch screen. The other main reason is definitely the battery life.

Is this thing dead yet?

I did it, I finished my masters in Informatics. After five and a half years I finally don’t have to worry any more about exams and tasks for the university. A relieving feeling. Retrospective Looking back at the time in the university (University of Applied Sciences Berlin) I’m happy that I took the challenge of starting to study. As I don’t have the normally mandatory “Abitur” I was only able to study because auf my apprenticeship and work experience.

Solved: ImageJ / Fiji error: "IllegalArgumentException: adding a container to a container on a different GraphicsDevice"

For my master thesis I am experimenting with ImageJ / Fiji. While working with some image registration algorithms I happend to run in a strange bug I couldn’t explain to me: (Fiji Is Just) ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-49/1.51c; Java 1.8.0_66 [64-bit]; Windows 10 10.0; 476MB of 9115MB (5%) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: adding a container to a container on a different GraphicsDevice at java.awt.Component.checkGD( at java.awt.Container.addImpl( at java.awt.Container.add( at ij.gui.ImageWindow.add( at ij.gui.ImageWindow.<init>( at ij.gui.StackWindow.<init>( at ij.

Didaktics of media: Learning Environment – Recap

This will be the last article in this category, as the course nears its end. I will have a short recap on my experience in this course and how it changed my learning behavior. This is the logical follow up to my post Learning Environment: Status Quo. Experience in this course This course differs from all my other courses because this is the first course I took outside my “normal” curriculum.

Didaktics of media: Learning unit four - Report

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goal of this report is to take and rate a online learning unit. For the fourth and final learning unit we should take a mobile learning unit. I used the app Learning Japanese (Google Play Store) for my mobile phone. As an experiment we have been asked to create a video for the review: https://youtu.

Didaktics of media: Storytelling

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the title for that unit I assume we will learn something about storytelling in the context of didactic. What have I learned: People remember stories. If information is wrapped up in a story, it increases the possibility that one remember the information as well. A story consists of a setting, a plot, a character, a narrator with a point of view, (words, pictures, sounds) and most importantly listeners or readers.