Travel Laptop

Dell XPS 13 9360 - Trackpad Issue


Is this thing dead yet?

Solved: ImageJ / Fiji error: "IllegalArgumentException: adding a container to a container on a different GraphicsDevice"

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Didaktics of media: Storytelling

LaTeX template for Master thesis


Elixir for aspiring Erlang developers

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Powershell cmdlets with dynamic param AND $args don't work

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Elixir, Phoenix and Windows: No faster responses than 1000 microseconds?


Elixir catch of the day: parentheses

Elixir on Raspberry Pi 2 (using Windows) now works on German keyboards!

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Didaktics of media: Learning Communities

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My recap of Codemotion 2015 in Berlin

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Azure Service Fabric SDK setup fails with logman beeing unknown cmdlet for the win

Elixir on windows

YNAB - One year review

Barcelona, day three: parc de la ciutadella and La Barceloneta

Barcelona, Day one

Barcelona, day two: Montjuic and El barri gothic

Barcelona, here we come!


You Need A Budget - Free students licence

Home Theatre PC


Flashing my Samsung Galaxy SIII


Windows 7 - HowTo change system HDD to SSD (With built in tools only)

Setting up Wifi on Ubuntu 12.04 Server via command line (yeah, finally some technical stuff )

Sind Frauen Weicheier? (Spoiler: Nö)

A new project

Kick Ass - Comic vs. Movie

New term, new pain

Egg cartons. A lot of them (47 to be precisely)

Oh noez, Hackerz!!!!

The Desert Spear - Peter v. Brett

Improve energy consumption with Ubuntu and Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 (sandy bridge-chipset)

KSH the second

Visualizing data with Gnuplot

KSH basics

postgreSQL - Dynamic SQL in trigger-functions for table audit

... and now for something completely different


Backspace in Firefox and Linux

How to install HandBrake on Ubuntu 11.10

Ubuntu 11.10 + Lenovo Ideapad Z370

keyboard: can't emulate rawmode for keycode 240

New task: Get my sd-card reader working...

Slideshow2 Vertical Alignment

Slideshow2 - Vertical alignment

Problems... Weird ones...

Ubuntu on Lenovo IdeaPad Z370

A blog. Again