TIL: There is an emoji keyboard in Windows 10

Today I Learned: There is a Emoji keyboard in Windows 10 ūü¶Ą!! Windows + . does the trick. A small keyboard pops up and you can search in it (beware, the search is localized. I had to look for “Einhorn” instead of unicorn).

Dell XPS 13 9360 - Trackpad Issue

Summary: My Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop has issues with the touchpad. The Dell support site is the pure horror but the Dell support team via Facebook is fast and helpful. Long story: Several days ago the trackpad stopped working. It started when I connected a Apple Magic Mouse for more convenient playing. When I disconnected the mouse, I realized that the trackpad stopped working. Thinking the laptop just swallowed up I restarted the system.

Travel Laptop

When we started our tour three month ago, I replaced my trusty Lenovo Thinkpad T520 with a shiny new Dell XPS 13 (9360). The reasons where many fold: As weight and volume are premium while travelling half the weight and less than half the volume is awesome. As I didn’t intended to do a lot computer stuff, I settled for a 13 inch screen instead of a 15 inch screen. The other main reason is definitely the battery life.

Is this thing dead yet?

I did it, I finished my masters in Informatics. After five and a half years I finally don’t have to worry any more about exams and tasks for the university. A relieving feeling. Retrospective Looking back at the time in the university (University of Applied Sciences Berlin) I’m happy that I took the challenge of starting to study. As I don’t have the normally mandatory “Abitur” I was only able to study because auf my apprenticeship and work experience.

Solved: ImageJ / Fiji error: "IllegalArgumentException: adding a container to a container on a different GraphicsDevice"

For my master thesis I am experimenting with ImageJ / Fiji. While working with some image registration algorithms I happend to run in a strange bug I couldn’t explain to me: (Fiji Is Just) ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-49/1.51c; Java 1.8.0_66 [64-bit]; Windows 10 10.0; 476MB of 9115MB (5%) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: adding a container to a container on a different GraphicsDevice at java.awt.Component.checkGD( at java.awt.Container.addImpl( at java.awt.Container.add( at ij.gui.ImageWindow.add( at ij.gui.ImageWindow.<init>( at ij.gui.StackWindow.<init>( at ij.

Didaktics of media: Learning Environment ‚Äď Recap

This will be the last article in this category, as the course nears its end. I will have a short recap on my experience in this course and how it changed my learning behavior. This is the logical follow up to my post¬†Learning Environment: Status Quo. Experience in this course This course differs from all my other courses because this is the first course I took outside my “normal” curriculum.

Didaktics of media: Learning unit four - Report

This blog post is one part of the series ‚Äúlearning diary‚ÄĚ for a course at my university. Goal of this report is to take and rate a online learning unit. For the fourth and final¬†learning unit we should take a mobile learning unit. I used the app Learning Japanese¬†(Google Play Store) for my mobile phone. As an experiment we have been asked to create a video for the review:¬†https://youtu.

Didaktics of media: Storytelling

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the title for that unit I assume we will learn something about storytelling in the context of didactic. What have I learned: People remember stories. If information is wrapped up in a story, it increases the possibility that one remember the information as well. A story consists of a setting, a plot, a character, a narrator with a point of view, (words, pictures, sounds) and most importantly listeners or readers.

LaTeX template for Master thesis

My fellow student Alexander Czyrny made a template for his master thesis in LaTeX. The template covers all basic layout settings¬†needed for a master thesis at our University (University of Applied Sciences Berlin). He also added an example chapter with the more advanced LaTeX commands. If you wan’t to check it out clone his repository on GitHub¬†!


ZLocation (“A cd that learns”) is a PowerShell module for better navigating through folders. I used the predecessor¬†for a while and was fed up with corrupted database entries. I’ll test ZLocation thorough-fully but try it for your self!

Elixir for aspiring Erlang developers

For the “Independent Coursework” of the University of Applied Sciences¬†Berlin I created the following presentation: **Elixir for aspiring Erlang developers ** from Torben Dohrn Target audience are students of the bachelors degree Computer Science of the University. If anything is unclear (or god forbid, wrong) drop me a mail or a tweet

Didaktics of media: Learning unit three ‚Äď Report

This blog post is one part of the series ‚Äúlearning diary‚ÄĚ for a course at my university. Goal of this report is to take and rate a online learning unit. For the third learning unit we should take either a webinar or a MOOC. I participated in the course Design 1o1 Redux - Part 2: My House from the Iversity platform. Short synopsis of the unit: The course ‚ÄúDesign 1o1 Redux ‚Äď Part 2: My House‚ÄĚ was the second of three courses on the platform Iversity created by the Design 1o1 Community.

Powershell cmdlets with dynamic param AND $args don't work

Over the weekend I tried to implement auto completion in¬†Elixir’s¬†mix¬†(in Windows). Unfortunately I didn’t make it without introducing some problems. So I didn’t committed my changes to upstream.¬†Currently I try to reach some of the more renowned Elixir/Windows contributors, to discuss the changes . Motivation Under normal circumstances I don’t use more mix tasks then test, phoenix.server and release¬†but sometimes you need this weird command, you just can’t remember.

Didaktics of media: Designing MOOCs

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the title for that unit I assume we will learn something about designing MOOC. The linked article¬†on the other hand, features a paper about the Tech Ed Revolution, which “will be the Learner Revolution”. It goes on and on about investors needing to put money in education (either traditional education or start ups) and how these start ups could fuel the next learning revolution.

Elixir, Phoenix and Windows: Some insights on my 1000‚Ē¨√Ās problem

On Saturday I wrote about “Elixir, Phoenix and Windows: No faster responses than 1000 microseconds?”. I described two problems I had with Phoenix¬†in Windows: My response times seem to be stuck at 1000 microseconds and Powershell¬†couldn’t display the¬†őľ sign. I dug into some code and the mailing lists and found (with a lot of help) some answers. 1000 Microseconds on Windows? The response times in Phoenix are often measured in Microseconds.

Elixir, Phoenix and Windows: No faster responses than 1000 microseconds?

If you read around phoenix developers you often hear stuff like “Awesome, requests served in under xxx microseconds!”. Yet if I try the Phoenix framework, I only have this results: [info] GET / [debug] Processing by GettingStartedPheonix.PageController.index/2 Parameters: %{} Pipelines: [:browser] [info] Sent 200 in 1000‚Ē¨√Ās [info] JOIN rooms:lobby to GettingStartedPheonix.RoomChannel Transport: Phoenix.Transports.WebSocket Parameters: %{} [info] Replied rooms:lobby :ok With special emphasis on [info] Sent 200 in 1000‚Ē¨√Ās¬†.

Elixir catch of the day: parentheses

In general parentheses can be omitted in Elixir function calls. so the call write_line(socket) is identical to write_line socket However, if you are using the pipe operator |> this is not the case. The parentheses are mandatory on usage of the pipeline operator. Source: Elixir Getting started, in the block quote

Elixir on Raspberry Pi 2 (using Windows)

Goal Deploy an example Elixir application with the Nerves-Project to a Raspberry Pi 2, using an Ubuntu guest in VMware Player on a Windows host. Synopsis We are using the Nerves-project, buildroot and Ubuntu in a virtual machine to create a SD-Image, which contains the default application, blinky. Motivation After seeing this talk from Garth Hitchens on Embedded Elixir in Action I wanted to try the Nerves project to deploy an Elixir application to my Raspberry Pi 2. now works on German keyboards!

Summary: If you have problems with non us-keyboards and the editor install this package:¬†keyboard-localization Shortly longer: Ok, I blogged about my problems with before¬†(and before) and the underlying issues aren’t fixed in the chromium parts of Yet there were¬†workarounds: For example I created my own keybinding file, which fixed my most important issue the missing “@” sign (who is using that, anyway?). Now I needed an working “\” in my elixir code.

Didaktics of media: Learning unit two - Report

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goal of this report is¬†to take and rate a online learning unit. For the second¬†learning unit we should take a video¬†based course. I watched a course on the platform Short synopsis of the unit: The course ‚ÄúBuilding Highly Scalable Web Applications in Azure‚ÄĚ is a video based course on the platform http://pluralsight.

Didaktics of media: Learning Communities

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the pdf which was provided I assume we will learn something about communities of learners. In the pdf it’s stated that the oldest definition for a university is “a community of learners and teachers”. So I assume we will learn more about the University as a community of teachers and learners.

Elixir, Windows and Chocolatey: Updates

Recently I ran in a problem with Elixir on Windows, installed via Chocolatey: After an update of the¬†Elixir¬†package: choco upgrade elixir (or a Windows update or something similar) I couldn’t use iex.bat anymore. Every time I tried to open iex.bat I got an¬†crash_dump: {error_logger,{{2015,12,3},{22,35,15}},crash_report,[[{initial_call,{supervisor_bridge,user_sup,['Argument__1']}},{pid,<0.22.0>},{registered_name,[]},{error_info,... (That said, mix still worked…) After several attempts on reinstalling Elixir (and Erlang, just to be sure) I found this comment on the Elixir package on Chocolatey.

Didaktics of media: Report on the Online Educa Berlin (OEB) #OEB15

Today I attended the exhibition of the OEB in Berlin at the Intercontinental Hotel. I only visited the exhibition, which was free because the fee for the conference it self would have been to much to bear (roughly 480‚ā¨). I visited some of exhibitors and will here summarize my experience. ITNedu The company is a young startup based in London, specializing in providing access to video content for educational purposes.

Didaktics of media: Mediated Discourse: Chats, Foren, Wikis, Twitter, Audio and Video

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the title and the provided links¬†for that unit I assume we will learn something about the discourse in chats, forums and co. The links provided were about the Minerva Project¬†(an online university) and an article as response to the first link (so, pro and con about the Minerva project).

Didaktics of media: Evaluation of Instruction and On-line Exercise Design

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the title and the provided pdf for that unit I assume we will learn how to evaluate¬†and compare different examination methods for different kinds of learning goals. I think we will consider target groups, the goal of the examination and several other aspects of online examination. In the end I hope I’ll be able to create my own online examination because we need to create multiple choice tests later on.

Phoenix and Windows: js not executed

I’m currently on my way to learn a little bit of Elixir. I like the idea of functional programming language made easy. For starters I’m doing all the tutorials I can find. My most recent tutorial was the Channels Tutorial of the Phoenix Framework. As I did the tutorial, I encountered a problem: My socket.js file was concatenated¬†in the app.js file via¬†but¬†the promised message “Joined successfully” did not show up in the console.

Didaktics of media: Didaktical-methodological Design

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Besides the headline “Didaktical-methodological Design” an additional hint¬†to a book was provided “Schulmeister, Ralf, Hypermedia Learning Systems”. Because of that I investigated¬†a little bit about hyper media learning systems. For example what hyper media learning system means… Turns out, hyper media is a word creation from hypertext and media. It describes systems where media content is linked to to other media content (in contrast to hypertext, where foot notes, citations and text is linked together).

Didaktics of media: Learning unit one - Report

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goal of this report is¬†to take and rate a online learning unit. For the first learning unit we should take either a text based or animation based course. I finished two kata on the platform Short synopsis of the unit: The learning unit C# “Descending order” is a coding kata on the site¬†http://codewars.

Python, pandas and json_read with utf-8 encoding

The pandas library is a fantastic python toolkit to work with data. Recently I needed to read some json files in a pandas dataframe. Usually you can do that easily with the built in method: import pandas as pd pd.read_json('example.json') But this method fails, if it encounters utf-8 encoded files. In contrast to the more often used methods _read_table_ and _read_csv_, _read_json_ does not provide an _encoding_ parameter. To work around this you have to import the codecs module and use the _open_ method:

Elixir, postgres and chocolatey

You try to use the phoenix getting started guide on windows and the task “mix ecto.create” fails with an useless error? Chances are your postgresql database isn’t available with the ecto default credentials “postgres”:“postgres”. Try to logon to the database with the credentials “postgres”:“Postgres1234” and change the password for the user to “postgres”.¬†Also, don’t forget to change the password of the Windows user “postgres”. Update 15.11.2015: You also have to change the logon information for the service, otherwise postgresql won’t start after an restart.

Didaktics of media: Instruction Planning / Target Group Specification

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: Based on the topic of this weeks course and the provided information I assume we will learn how to specify the target group of a learning environment and possibly why it is important to define a target group. Also the planning of an online course seems to be involved. The four decisions to make if one would create a online course are:

Didaktics of media: Learning Objectives - Taxonomies

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: The goal of this week lesson was to learn what a learning objectives is and how to define learning goals for your self. I expect to get taught some methods to define the Objectives. What have I learned: Learning Objectives are exactly that: The information the teacher/professor want to teach to the student/pupils in that lesson (or on a higher scale in that semester).

Didaktics of media: Constructionism vs. behaviorism

This blog post is one part of the series “learning diary” for a course at my university. Goals: As I started the course late (I couldn’t join the first course because of another overlapping exam) I had no goals set for this week. What have I learned: We started the course with the explanation for the last lessons course (which again, I missed). We had the task to remember five hand signs without context.

Didaktics of media: Learning Environment - status quo

In this article I provide a glance about my learning environment.¬†This includes my methods (or my behavior) and the tools I use to learn and gather knowledge. Methods I don’t have a “real” method for learning. Most of the time I rely on my memory to remember “yeah, I’ve heard/read about that and I have an idea how to find it again”. This works kind of good for me, as I’m living in a highly connected world and have the wisdom of the world at my fingertips.

Didaktics of media: Intro

As part of the course “Didaktics of Media” at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin all participants are oblieged to write a learning diary. The learning diary shall enable the students to discover how we learn best. As part of the learning diary we also have to write two articles about our learning environment. That is, all tools and behaviours we use to learn. The first article should contain the current situation of our learning environment, the second the situation at the end the course.

Azure Service Fabric SDK setup fails with logman beeing unknown cmdlet

Recently I looked into microservies. I’ve read the excelent book “Building Microservices“ (affiliate link) and tried to combine Microservices with Microsoft. Luckily for me, I was born in exciting¬†times and Microsoft just released anSDK for their new Microservice Framework Service Fabric. Unfortunatly I had problem with the installation. Download and installation went well, but on the step Install and start a new cluster¬†I got the error that the cmdlet logman is not known. for the win

Whohoo, I gave Atom.Io another try and found a solution¬†workaround to my @ sign problem: To fix¬†my problem, I had to unset the keybinding for “autoflow“: open ~.atom\keymap.cson add following lines to the file: .platform-win32 atom-text-editor, .platform-linux atom-text-editor': 'ctrl-alt-q': 'unset! restart Sources:¬†

Elixir on windows

Lately I got interested in the¬†programming language Elixir. I have not yet done anything besides the very first parts of the tutorial¬†and the fantastic introduction¬†from¬†Jos√© Valim. It looks fun and very capable, even if I have to think around the corner (Elixir is functional and I’m more used to the object oriented programming paradigma) After reading some parts of the tutorial on my daily commute to work, I was exited to start.

YNAB - One year review

Tl;dr: YNAB4 is awesome and you should give it a try. I managed my finances! How the time flies by! A year ago I installed You Need A Budget 4 as trial on my system. Since then I used the software (or the Android version) everyday. After the trial period I asked the for the free student version of their software. After the license key arrived everything worked fine.

Barcelona, day three: parc de la ciutadella and La Barceloneta

Our third day in Barcelona started with Bauernfr√ľhst√ľck. We had some cooked potatoes left and added some eggs, bacon and onions for a delicious meal. After the breakfast we headed for the parc de la ciutadella saw the font de la cascada, an imposant monument with (you would never guess) some cascading wells. The park is nice, mostly populated by joggers, school classes and mammoths. The three buildings which were marked in our map were all unsatisfying.

Barcelona, day two: Montjuic and El barri gothic

The second day of our holiday started relaxed: We slept till 11 AM and had a long breakfast with cereals and toast. Interestingly enough the milk you can buy here in the supermarket gets sold uncooled. This seemed a littel bit odd to me, because in Germany almost all milk is getting sold cooled. The only milk in Germany you can buy uncooled is UHT-milk. So I assume the milk is kinda prepared as well.

Barcelona, Day one

Today my fianc√©e¬†and I flew to Barcelona, for our vacation. It’s a bit early in the year for a hot Spain holiday, but the city is big enough to cover some bad-weather days. We flew with germanwings from Berlin at 11 AM and had a pleasantly easy flight. My fianc√©e and I played Ticket to Ride on her iPad (two times, we had a tie). By the way, Ticket to Ride is a nice game you should absolutly try it once (Amazon Affiliate Link)In Barcelona we took the Aerobus Barcelona to the pla√ßa del catalunya and walked the last part to our AirBnB accommodation.

You Need A Budget - Free students licence

I’m a huge fan of the software You Need A Budget¬†for my budgeting purposes. I was evaluating the software after I realized that my Excel solution is not feasible (read: to complicated). I installed the 30 days trial version until it expired. After that I uninstalled it and used the Steam demo version. So I had double the evaluation time. And evaluate I did. After that time I was this close to actually purchase YNAB 4 via Steam.

Home Theatre PC

Following an post from Jeff Atwood¬†about his Home Theatre PC, I decided to look up the current prices of the mentioned components. Or at least the price I would have to pay, if I would like to update my, how to put it… ancient HTPC. The old lady I call HTPC is a somewhat oldish Acer Aspire Idea 500¬†(no chance to find a link on the Acer pages, though) with a stunning amount of one gigabyte of Ram and an Intel Core Duo with 1666 Mhz.

Flashing my Samsung Galaxy SIII

Today I decided to flash my Samsung Galaxy SIII I couldn’t bear the badly written “improvements” which Samsung generously added to the Android anymore. My last smartphone, a now retired HTC Desire gained much out of the Cyanogen Custom Rom, therefore I gave it a try. Setup: I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII (Intl) - i9300 from O2, a german mobilephone provider. My Laptop runs Windows 7 and for guidiance I use the official cyanogen Wiki for my phone.

Windows 7 - HowTo change system HDD to SSD (With built in tools only)

Ingredients: Current Laptop or PC New SSD External Harddisk (for backup, so it’d better be fast and big) One empty DVD (or the recovery disc) Bunch of screwdrivers Abstract: Shrink your HDD partition to a size smaller than the SSD (*) Create¬†a recovery disk Create a system image with Windows backup on the external Harddisk Replace your HDD with the shiny new SSD Boot with recovery disk Choose to restore from a system backup (*) The first part is realy important.

Setting up Wifi on Ubuntu 12.04 Server via command line (yeah, finally some technical stuff )

Problem: Setting up a wireless adapter on Ubuntu server 12.04 LTS via CLI isn’t THAT easy. Plug’n’Play doesn’t simply work. Good thing there is Google. And a lot of helpful sites. Target: Insert the stick (or boot with it) and connect automaticly to the preferred network This is not a tutorial. And it’s realy not for the uninitiated. It’s more like a short reminder for me, or people who have a basic idea what’s happening here…

A new project

Whoohaaa a new project from the university. David and I were assigned to the Computer Museum on the university campus. There we (and six other students) will be responsible to install, customize and deploy a tool called CollectiveAccess (Homepage). CA is a open source tool to register items, tag and mark them and then display them on a front end. There were two teams of the terms before us, who already made some analysis, set up server and even made some sleek videos of some of the items.

Kick Ass - Comic vs. Movie

Whoohoo I loved Kick Ass The movie, but now that I’ve read the underlaying comic, I think a little bit different about the movie. At least in the story there are major changes The movie is, for it self, very entertaining. The cast of the movie was well done and consistent. I think the actors matched the characters and especialy that Hit Girl was a good cast. The soundtrackis entertaining and the track “stand up” from “the prodigy” is at least for me inseparably associated with this movie.

New term, new pain

A new term started today and so far nothing interesting happened. System management and analysis would be generally an interesting course, but till now it’s only a recapitulation of known facts, so everyone has the same level of knowledge. The problem is: There are so many students here which seem to know everything, or at least think that they know everything. (Of course, only David knows everything). It’s interesting when they answer a mere rethorical question wrong and the lecturer tries to avoid to say: “That’s wrong”.

Egg cartons. A lot of them (47 to be precisely)

Ever wanted to know how egg cartons would look like, if you stack up enough to contain 352 eggs? Me neither. Nonetheless, here are the egg cartons we gathered for our band room: We gathered so many of them to quieten our band room. But now (after we accumulated so many cartons) we canceled the room, because of a raise of the rent.

Oh noez, Hackerz!!!!

Today I detected that one of my sites was hacked. Some punks got access to one of my webservers, added some files and altered some other files. Lucky me, on this webserver is php forbidden and they couldn’t do any harm. But from the start: I host the website for one of the local sport clubs. The website is static, showing only some pics, contact and legal stuff. Once a year there I make a short report how the website is doing and what I’ve done.

The Desert Spear - Peter v. Brett

Dang! that was enthralling. I just read Peter V. Brett’s second novel “Desert spear” from the demon cycle. I’m still a little bit agitated. I’ve read the first book a while ago and found it very good. In my opinion the second book is even better than the first one. I couldn’t refrain from reading it for about 7 hours today… I realy like how the author Peter V. Brett wove the plots with the different characters.

Improve energy consumption with Ubuntu and Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 (sandy bridge-chipset)

Update 2015-03-15: As Antiplex mentioned in the comments, the resources are slighlty out of date. An update is pending I use my laptop (Lenovo Z370, with Ubuntu 11.10) a lot in the college. Unfortunatly there aren’t enough plugs in the wall for all students and I’m not willing to bring a plug board with me every time. So my approach to the problem was to improve the energy consumption of my laptop.

Visualizing data with Gnuplot

On my pursuade for a tool to visualize simple list values I found gnuplot: from Wikipedia: gnuplot is a command-line program that can generate two- and three-dimensional plots of functions, data, and data fits. I will focus on the capabilities of gnuplot on two-dimensional plots and in special howto visualize data without a corresponding second data value. But first here is the idea why I needed such a tool:

KSH the second

Woe unto me! Earlier this day I debugged a korn shell script and were not able to find the culprit. With debugging mode set -x I was able to identify, that one of my variables were actualy not recognized as such. After a little bit of tearing my hair out I finaly found the little scallywag: I had inserted an unnecessary space between the variable name and the equal-sign. Therefore the interpreter didn’t understand what I wanted him to do.

KSH basics

Just for the guys who keep forgetting about the simplest commands in korn shell (like me…)

postgreSQL - Dynamic SQL in trigger-functions for table audit

The problem For a college project I tried to create a pl/pgsql trigger function, which should be invoked by a trigger and then saves the unaltered dataset to an audit table. This task alone is no rocket science and therefore boring. I would have to create a trigger, a trigger function and a log table per auditing table and call the function on ervery update or delete. Instead I aimed for this solution:

... and now for something completely different

recently a good friend of mine started to blog. He was so kind to refer to my blog, so will I. Stefan writes about his daily life, professional Java development and tools and coffee. The last part might be exaggerated, but he should write about coffee. Everyone should. So please have a look:

Backspace in Firefox and Linux

Anyone who is used to firefox under windows (and probably mac) is also used to the backspace key. under windows, firefox will go one page backwards if you hit backspace. Under Linux if you hit backspace, there happens… nothing. Which is disgusting. I found a website (german) which describes how to change the behavior: Type in your adress bar: “about:config” Confirm the warning: Search for “Backspace”: Alter “browser.

How to install HandBrake on Ubuntu 11.10

If not already happened: Install the synaptic package manager (search for synaptic in the Ubuntu software center) Download this package according to your architecture. If you are not sure which architecture you need, try amd64 or i386. This are the two most used architectures. Install the package by double clicking. Open a terminal and execute sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stebbins/handbrake-releases Open synaptics package manager, go to preferences / package sources / other software.

Ubuntu 11.10 + Lenovo Ideapad Z370

Two days ago I’ve updated Ubuntu to 11.10 and it worked well. I started from scratch, so I won’t have to deal with “old” problems: Here is my setup: Plain vanilla Lenovo Z370 Harddrive was replaced by a 60 Gb Sata2 SSD Ubuntu 11.10 (Desktop edition) I installed the IdeaPad Driver Package (get it here) to get rid of a lot of the “Keycode 240” On the pro side:

New task: Get my sd-card reader working...

New task of the day: Get my sd-card reader in my laptop working. My Lenovo IdeaPad is nice and everything but sometimes there are some annoying things. Like a not working sd-card reader. There absolut no reaction on Ubuntu if I insert a sd-card… Maybe, I will find out :-) Update: rmmod ehci_hcd doesn’t work echo "usb-storage" >> /etc/modules; modprobe usb-storage was promising, but doesn’t work either What do I know?

Slideshow2 Vertical Alignment

To update my last post, this solution worked for me: On the Slideshow2 homepage is an working example with vertical alignment. So I downloaded exactly¬†this version of the slideshow2.js and the according mootools and tadaa! It works. It seems that the current version simply is not capable of vertical scrolling. A single drawback is still there: The option “resize” doesn’t work. But as long as you can live with that, the slideshow2 V1.

Slideshow2 - Vertical alignment

I was looking for a javascript gallery plugin for a website I maintain. After I checked two or three plugins (incl. galleria) I decided that Slideshow2 is the tool, I’ll use. One of the big points in my decision for Slideshow2 was the simple integration of a vertical thumbnail list. I tried it in galleria as well but failed. With Slideshow2 everything went well. Download the package, edit the file like specified and voil√° you’ve got an vertical thumbnail list.

Problems... Weird ones...

I just bought a nice and sleek Asus 23” Display for my PC. Because of my old Hardware, I’am not able to attach it via HDMI to it. Good for me I’ve had my Lenovo IdeaPad Z370. I’ve attached it to the display and you know what? It works. Just out of the box… … Until I decided, to change the alignment of the two displays (the Asus and the laptop one).

Ubuntu on Lenovo IdeaPad Z370

This post is designed for everyone who considers to buy a Lenovo IdeaPad Z370 and plans to install Ubuntu 11.04 on it. The Z370 is a cheap (around 430‚ā¨) , 13,3” wide screen laptop with an core I3 2nd generation CPU and 4 gig ram. About Ubuntu I don’t have say anything. On the other hand I have to mention the problems regarding laptop hardware support. Long story short: There are problems, but none of them are serious.

A blog. Again

Another day another blog.¬†I won’t promise anything, but at least I’ll try to write once a while